Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

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MNOPF Members

For MNOPF pensioners, deferred MNOPF members, member representatives, and all myMNOPFpension enquiries please contact

01372 200200
(9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excl. bank holidays)

Ensign Retirement Plan
(for the MNOPF) Members

For members of the Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) please contact BlackRock in the following ways:

01733 353495
(9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excl. bank holidays)

Defined Benefit pensions

The New Section of the MNOPF is a defined benefit pension scheme. This means the amount paid to you as a pension when you retire is set using a formula based on how many years you have worked for your employer and the salary you have earned, rather than the value of your investments.

The defined benefit section of the MNOPF is a valuable benefit which pays out a secure income for life. It also pays a pension to your spouse or civil partner and/or, in most cases, your dependants when you die.

The MNOPF benefits described on this website are for your guidance only.  The actual amounts of benefit you will receive are determined from the MNOPF Trust Deed and Rules. The amounts can vary according to your individual circumstances and, in some cases, are dependent on the dates you were a member of the Fund.  Therefore, this site should be used as a source of general information only, with your individual entitlement being calculated and paid in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules.