Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

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MNOPF Members

For MNOPF pensioners, deferred MNOPF members, member representatives, and all myMNOPFpension enquiries please contact

01372 200200
(9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excl. bank holidays)

Ensign Retirement Plan
(for the MNOPF) Members

For members of the Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) please contact BlackRock in the following ways:

01733 353495
(9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excl. bank holidays)

Expression of Wish form

The Trustee decides who should receive any lump sum death benefits. By doing so, the benefit is not subject to Inheritance Tax (unless the amount is paid to your estate and is over the Inheritance Tax threshold).

The Trustee can pay the death lump sum benefits to:

  • your relatives,
  • financial dependants,
  • organizations, such as a charity, and/or
  • your personal legal representative.

To help the Trustee decide who should receive the lump sum payment, and how it should be shared if there is more than one beneficiary, it is important to complete an Expression of Wish form. The Trustee is not legally bound by this form but will take full account of your wishes in making its decision, so it is important to keep this form up-to-date, particularly if you have recently married or divorced. You can print a new form here, or by contacting myMNOPFpension.

Nomination Form

If you are currently contributing to, or have in the past contributed to, the Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) you will need to complete a Nomination Form, if you have not already done so, to let the Trustee know who you wish your lump sum pot to be paid to in the event of your death. The Nomination Form for the Ensign Retirement Plan (for the MNOPF) can be found by logging into TargetPlan.